Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another war with Great- Britain ?

The last war with the UK was ,when the Cod war wich ended in 1975 .
And now ,that the President says no the reumbursing the UK and Holland the Icesave account.
Now the goverment is planning a referandum , where the people of Iceland , will vote on , weather to pay ,or not pay the debt ,that Iceland has against the UK and Holland.
There has never been a referandum in Iceland, and there are no laws about it.
Here is a video from the Cod war in 1975


  1. Please remember that the actions of the UK government do not reflect the opinions of its people. Most people in the UK would love to see Iceland stick a finger in the air the banker gangsters!

  2. Another "WAR"with Britain,what is this nonsense?

  3. If i was in power I'd write off Iceland's debts as long as the gangsters who ruined your economy spent a long time in gaol