Thursday, January 21, 2010

MP´s told to cancel visit to Iceland

British Foreign Office ,has warned British MP´s .not to travel to Iceland.
The MP´s are in a committie inquiry into the banking crisis, and due to visit Iceland at the end of the month.
British Ambassador, Ian Whitting ,told the Scottish affairs committie ,that it would be inappropriate to go to Iceland , sahed of the refferandum that is going to be held in Iceland on march 6th, on weather the Iceland should pay back the the collapsed Icesave, 3.4 billion to UK and Dutch taxpayers.

Icelands state prosecutor,says , is now prosecuting 8 protesters ,who took part in the protests last year in Reykjavik.
People do not like his priorities, he is prosecuting protesters, but not the bankers who started it all.
State prosecutor says ,he has not the power to prosecute bankers.

here below you can see videos from the protest on december 31 2009 and january 20 2009

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