Saturday, January 9, 2010

Homeowners protest in Ieland today - photos and video

Protest meeting was held in front of the parliement building in Reykjavik today. People are protesting ,what little the Goverment is doing to help people,who are going bankrupt,due to bad loans. They look ,at the goverment,who looks to be helping Financiers ,but not the public, wich are hurting more. Today ,there where 150 homes, auctioned , and putting familys out of their homes. Last year , the govermnet promised to help homeowners ,that where in trouble ,due to the falling of the local currency ( Ice. Krona) and and their loans in foreing currency. So, the loans go up,and the local currency goes down. Many loans have doubled and some more.


  1. Many people in the UK support the Icelandic people in their actions. Free yourself from the parasites of the Banking and Government systems.

  2. i agree, watch this video about the bank system and how it works to ruin nations.
    Also, dont join the EU and the Euro, it will only make things worse!