Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Corruption still going strong in Iceland

A polar bear was killed today in Iceland .
It was in the north east part of Iceland ,at Thistilfjord.

One member of parliement ,mr. Asborn Ottarsson,for the Independence party,is in the committie,that will talk about the black report, about the banking financial crisis.
The Parliement black report,will be made public in a few weeks ,after being postponed for a few months.
Mr. Asbjorn Ottarsson, paid himself illeagally,money from his company,even though it had negative profits,and negative money in its books.
But when the media found out, he paid it back to his company,and said that he did not now about the bad situation his company was in.
He said , that he did not know that the payment was illeagal.

He said ,when he voted on Icesave,that he was against ,letting generations to come,to pay for Icesave.
But at the same time,he sold water rights, to a Canadian for 95 years.

Cooruption in Iceland is still good and strong

Photo: top - Polar bear
below- Asbjorn Ottarsson

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