Saturday, August 8, 2009

Police arrests Saving Iceland protesters

Saving Iceland, where protesting last week ( august 7 ) ,at the goverment building where the minister of Industry is .
There was the minister signing a deal with Century Aluminum Company ,for a new aluminium company. happenend.
Saving Iceland protesters ,where there protesting,throwing milk products at the building and on the Minister car.

Police came there quikly ,and arrested a few.
But now they are saying that the press,did not say about the arrests , what really happened.
Police had said,in the press,that they where attacked,and police men where beatened and hurt by the protesters.
Saving Iceland is using this video clip ,with no sound to prove there point.
In it you can see police arrest a protester - and many bloggers ,are saying that the police is using to much force .

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