Saturday, August 1, 2009

Did Kaupthing bank give billions to friends ?

Just before the Banking crash in September 2008 ,there was lots of money movement at Kaupthing bank.
Slides with information about loans,where shown at board meeting at Kaupthing bank on the 25th of september 2008.
These slides where leaked to the
You can see them here at

The Icelandic tv station RUV,had this on the news last night.
Kaupthing leagal team sent Wikileaks a letter ,threatening them ,and asked them to take this information out of the web page.
Wikileaks said no to Kaupthings leagal team..
Here you can see the threat to Wikileaks.

Kaupthing bank loaned ,and wrote of loans in the billions of kroans.
At wikileaks you can see who got this special treatment.

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