Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kaupthing Bank robbed by its owners ?

In a German edition of the Financial Times ,the headline reads " Owners robbed Kauthing ".
The foreing press has got interest in these news,and are saying ,that it is strange to lown to owners ,big sums of money ,and with little or no sequrities.
This was front news on ,The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph.

In the Danish newspaper ,Berlingske Tidende, there the headline reads " A buffet for Icelandic Tycoons ".
In the nowegian news ,E24, they use " Bank blunder " about this.

All are talking about ,what looks like a big insider trading blunder.

Here is a video clip from last october ,and in the middle of it ,ther is an inteview with Glitnis Bank representative,in English.
There you can see ,that he has trouble answering questions,that Ielandic media does not ask.

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