Sunday, August 2, 2009

Freedom of the press in danger in Iceland ?

Lots of discussion about the the injunction that was ordered by the Reykjavík District Commissioner against the state TV news media ,RUV .
RUV was planning to cover the news about Wikileaks top secret information about loans from Kaupthing bank ,just before the banking collapse ,last september.
The injuction,was only against the state media ,RUV,but not any other media in Iceland.

Kaupthings leagal team tried to get the information removed from Wikileaks.
But the sent the leagal team a letter,that wikileaks made public.
The answer to Kaupthing is as follows :

No. We will not assist the remains of Kaupthing, or its clients, to hide its dirty laundry from the global community. Attempts by Kaupthing or its agents to discover the source of the document in question may be a criminal violation of both Belgium source protection laws and the Swedish constitution. Who is your US counsel ?

Icelands blog pages have today been on overdrive .
People are very angry, and words such as ,revolution and more have been used.

The son of Reykjavík District Commissioner Rúnar Guðjónsson , is head of the Icelandic Financial Service association and one of the top banker at the failed banks.

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