Sunday, August 16, 2009

Citizen meeting in Reykjavik august 13 2009

Last thursday ( august 13 ) there was a citizen meeting in downtown Reykjavik.
Speaches where made,and about 3000 attended.
Many members of parliement attended and the former CEO of the Central Bank,mr. David Oddson was also there.

Einar Mar Gudmundson ,an Iceland write, held a speach.
He was angry, and in his speach,he talked about,why should the public in Iceland pay for the crash of the private banks.
Icesave account,is about to be accepted at parliement next week.
And Einar MAr ,askes ,why is the goverment paying for Icelandic private bankers blunders .

Still ,nobody is being held responsable,even though it is known ,that the bankers made strange loans to themselfes ,with no sequrities.
And lots of money was being moved to offshore accounts in tax havens.

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