Saturday, August 22, 2009

Biggest festival in Iceland today

Today is cultural day and night in Reykjavik.
Great festival, with lots of things for everybody.
It started this morning with the Marathon,and other running activities.
About 11.000 signed up for the running events.

And all around downtown reykjavik there is music everywhere,and festivals for the chirdren and grown ups.
The goverment ministers had their offices open today for the public,and they greeted everybody that came for a visit.
I visited the Foreign secretary and the the Prime minister office.
I took photos in the goverment building ,where the Prime minster has her officve.
One of the photos is of a gift ,a broom,she got ,tho sweep up the courruption .

Also ,i visited the foreign secretary,and he shook hands with everybody , and when i went outside again ,he stopped me - and asked " Didnt you have a chocolate ? "
His office was offering chocolate and more.
And he insisted that people have some chocolate.

I took photos of him ,Mr, Ossur Skarphedinsson,the Foreign Minister,greeting guests.

Click on the photos - and the will be larger.

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