Saturday, June 20, 2009

Protest in Iceland - Icesave - june 20 2009

Today there was a protest meeting in Reykjavik.
People where protesting,that the parliement is going to accept the debt about the ICelave accounts.
One of the Banks that collapsed last year,had started an invesment scheme in Europe,with the name - Icesave.
And when the banks collapsed,they owed about 650 billion kronas.
The exchange rate is now - 1 dollar = 129 kronas .

And to pay that - the goverment must raise taxes,save in the welfare system,pay less pension to the old people and more.
People are angry ,that why should the public pay ,for what the viking bankers and politicians did .
Some firecrackers where shot during the protest today.
But it was ,of course,very peaceful.
Protest will be next saturday again - and mabey in the middle of the week - when the Icesave accounts are being discussed at parliement in Reykjavik - Iceland.
Then parliement can hear what the public is saying outside.

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