Saturday, June 13, 2009

Longest day approaches Iceland and Vikings arrive in Iceland

So far ,the weather hs been great in Reykjavik - calm,warm and sunny.
And lots of activities ,boats sailing around Reykjavik harbour,dayli protests in downtown Reykjavik,and now there is a Viking Festivla in Hafnarfjord.
Hafnarfjordur is a town just sout of Reykjavik.
And now - Vikings have attacked the town ,and will be there for a week.
This is an annual event ,every year in june .
There are battles ,kidnappings,and people can walk around the Vikings,and talk to them.
They are from Europe and some are from North America.
Here are a few photos of boats ,and just click on the photos,and you can see them larger.
Also is a video from the Viking Festival last year - and i will add new video soon ,from the festival this year.

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