Monday, June 15, 2009

Corruption and more protests planned in Reykjavik

Now it is under investigation ,some loans that Landsbankis CEO made to themselfes.
They had private pensions funds,and made loans to themselfes.
And today ,there is a planned protest meeting at 14:00 hours in front of the Icelandic Parliement building.
And it looks like that nobody will be held responsable.
The Attorney General of Iceland is connected to the banking crisis.

Eva Joly ,wants that mr Sigurdsson ,the attourney general,step down ,because of family connections , his son ,mr. Sigurdur Valtysson ,is CEO of a investment company ,wich used to a majority holder of Kaupthing,one of the banks that is under investigation.

Attorney General Valtýr Sigurdsson has announced that he will not step down and is not planning to resign from his post.

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