Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iceland news - protest today june 10th 2009

Great weather in Reykjavik today - calm ,sunny and warm
So lots of people having fun downtown Reykjavik.
Some where joking in munks outfits,otheres where just walking around and having fun,and of course ,the daily protest in front of the parliement building.
They where not many today - but they made some noise.

Eva Joly ,the goverment advisor on the banking collapse ,is not happy with the investigation.
She wants that the goverment put more money into the investigation,and that the State Prosecutor,step aside.
The state prosecutor ,mr. Valtýr Sigurðsson is to connected to the crisis.
Mr Valtýrs son mr. Sigurdur Valtæysson ,is one of the CEO of one of the companys named - Exista.

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