Monday, June 8, 2009

People angry at having to pay debts

Protest is planned today in Reykjavik.
People are going to protest ,that the goverment has agreed to pay the Icesave fiasco ,in England and Holland.
And that will hurt the goverments budget for many years.
The interests involved are about 5 % and the total sum is around 650 billion krona.
Icelandic goverment must also save billions ,to get loans from the International Moneytery fund.
And people are angry ,that why should the public pay ,for Bankers fiasco ?

And taxes are being raised,on gas,tobacco,alchoaland automobiles.
Looks like that the old saying is true.

If the bank is doing good ,the stockholders get rich, - but if the Banks is doing bad - then the public pays.

And here below are photos from the festivals last weekend .

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