Saturday, June 27, 2009

Corruption and protest in Iceland june 26 2009

The Icelandic goverment is planning to raise taxes more in the months to come .
Gas ,tobacco,VAT and more taxes are to be raised.
Protest is planned today in Reykjavik.
The investigation into the banking crisis is not doing anything.
People talk about that the Icelandic community is to small and everybody to connected,that there should be a foreign investigation into the banking crisis.

Today the protest is about the Icesave account in Europe .
The goverment is about to put to parliement a law,that sais that the ICelandic govermnt will pay it all.
That is in the ammount of 650 billions kronas.
And some say - why should the public pay,for the wrongdoings of private bankers.

Here below are a few photos i took last night of the sunset at 23:00 hours .
Click on the photos ,and the will be larger.

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