Sunday, November 9, 2008

Police and protesters in Reykjavik - november 8 2008

Today , a few thousand people protested downtown in Reykjavik ,Iceland.People nearly surrounded the Parliement bulding.Mototcycles where the in force - and when they where asked to leave the are,the showed the power of the motorbikes ,and filled the area with smoke.Aggresive protesters ,put a flag on the building ,marked - BONUS - that is the flag of cheap food stores in ICeland owned by Jon Asgeir Johannesson ,the owner of the other media in Iceland, Channel 2 ( )People are getting very angry at the goverment and the Icelandic central bank .Eggs and tomatos where where used to hit the paeliement building.According to local news ,no arrests where made.In the end of the video ,people can be heard shouting- Where is Geir - who is the Icelandic Prime Minister.Protests will be on still next saturday


  1. Great blog! Keep us informed.

    We still haven't heard ONE thing about these protests in Norwegian media at all.

    Don't let the rats get away! :-)

  2. Takk, Dori!
    Thank you for video & information!