Saturday, November 22, 2008

Police station attacked in Reykjavik - iceland

After the peaceful protest today in Reykjavik - against the govermnet and banks - people where told to go to the head police station in Reykjavik and demand the release of one prisoner.
The guy who hanged the Bonus flag on the Parliemnet building the protest a few saturdays ago.
He was arrested when he was on a university science trip .
He got known and the police arrested him.,
He had a fine or prison sentence on him since he as protesting the Karahnjukur damn project.
People attacke the police station tonight and broke windows and the front door.
Then they where peppersprayed and the police got the out - and stood outside in full riot gear .
People threw eggs at the police.
And a couple of hours later - the prisoner was let go .
A unknown man payed his fine - and told the guy in prison ,that if he would not accept that he payed the fine - then people would get hurt.
The guy accepted - and told people outside - that next - it would be revolution.

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