Sunday, November 23, 2008

Few photos and video from the protest in Reykjavik yesterday.
Here you can see a girl - trying to stop the kids throwing rocks and eggs at the ICelandic Parliement Building.
She is telling them to respect the house - but not those that work there ( elected members of parliement )
Tomorrow night ( 20:00 hours GMT ) there will be a citizen mmeting in one of the local movie theater.
The Icelandic goverment ,all the ministers and the president of the Iceladic central Bank , a mr: David Oddson ,have been invited.
They will have chairs for them on the stage - and every chair will have the ministers name on it .
So we can see who will come - and who do not dare to come .
I will post video and photos tomorrow night - after the meeting -

Comennts welcomed

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    Check how they gathered people in Korea in May/June 2008.

    And they were not covered by media and squashed by the police/government.

    And On June 1st, 2 people were killed by police and their bodies were secretly disposed and the police arrested the main witness who was at the scene and prosecuted him for falsifying and spreading false rumors.