Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Icelandic prime minister bood at at he citizen meeting

Tonight there was a citizen meeting in a big movie theater in
Reykjavik.Ministers and members of parliement where invited ,and chairs
with the names of the ministers where in the front row.Lots of booing where made at the ministers.People asked frank questions ,and they tried to answer.The ministers where told by the public,that the people wanted
them out - and wanted election as soon as possible .The ministers understood the opinion of the people ,but said
,that there would not be election soon.

People told the prime minister - " you should fire the central bank director Mr. David Oddsson and then quit yourself ".

Mr. David Oddsson the director of the central bank did not
come to the meeting.But the Prime minister and others came.When the ministers came into the theater, people bood at
It was mentioned that when mr. David Oddsson quit being a
prime minister he got the position of head of the icelandic central
bank -- You can hear on the video as the Icelandic prime ministers
enters mr. Geir Haarde - that people bood a lot.

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  1. hey i live in america and my heart goes out to the people of iceland we don't know exactly the pain your feeling but we will soon