Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More news on corruption in Iceland.

More is coming up these days here in Iceland.
The education minister ,who is also the vice chairman of the Independence Party ,had a big stock in Kauthing Bank ,and her husband is working there.
So did she have a part in what happend when the goverment took over the Banks ?
Few days before ,the Bank decided ,that they ,few at the top,that had bought stocks in the Bank,and took loans for it at Kaupthing Bank,did not have to worry,the Bank would not seek the personal liability for loans.
So they did not loose any money.
And CEO of the biggest union in Iceland ,is on the board of directors,and took part in the deciciun making.
And now they are investigatin,if that was illeagal.
If so ,then employes of the bank could be facing jail time of up to 6 years.
People are getting very angry here in Iceland

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