Monday, November 10, 2008

More next saturday ?

IMF ( international Moneytery fund ) is not going to take Iceland loan request this week . Nobody knows what will happen. Radio stations think that next saturday ,there will lots more people protesting in Reykjavik. At the protest last saturday,there where people with children,old people and young. Here are a few photos from the protest last saturday. Comments welcomed.
click on the photos and they will get bigger


  1. I"m sorry to hear about the financial problems that have hit Iceland particularly hard. I hope the government and the IMF will find a reasonable solution.

    Good luck tp all of us with the world economy.

  2. Great pictures...I saw your stuff on cnn's ireport...I'm traveling to Iceland in March so I'll definitely be checking in to your site to follow what's going on there....but no RSS feed so I can't add you to my reader!!

  3. You guys need to do way more.

    It happened in Korea on May/June 2008. Massive daily protests..

    click on "more" for more awesome pictures