Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family thrown out of a house in Iceland --- and gas at a all time high - video

Gas price ( petrol ) is at an all time high in Iceland these days.
Now the liter of 95 octane fuel on cars is at 247,90 ICE kronur. That would be 2 US dollars .
The goverment is putting all kinds of taxes on fuel ,and everywhere else .
Gas,alchohol ,tobacco,and so on .
Last january ( 2012) people used there cars 10 percent less , than january 2011.
The gas price could mean that people in Iceland will travel less,and stay more at home.
It does not matter if the Goverment is right wing or left wing.
They both go for the money in the public pockets.
Last january 17th, the police and the local sheriff, threw out a family out of her house,because she could not pay a small loan .
You can see it on the video .
But big CEO´s and people with huge debts,bankers and politicians, they get their debts just written off , and dont have to pay anything.
So the lesson here is  --- If Politicians and/or bankers makes huge financial mistakes, then you let the public pay for it .
But if pokiticians and/or bnakers are doing well, then you pay Them the Big bonuses .

 When the family was trown out of her house - the Home Defence Team came to help her and tried to stop it - but 2 where arrested .

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