Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More on pension funds scandel in Iceland --- video

Ceo´s in the Icelandic pension funds,dont see any problems in how they run the funds.
They where invited by companys to trips all around the world.
And then they invested the Pension funds in their companys.
Workers that pay 8 % of the pay every month,dont have any power in who is controlling their pension money.
Some of the loans that the Pension funds gave the companys,had no sequrity at all.

So , if you had a big company and needed a big loan --- to get it ,it looks like you just take the CEO´s ,to some foreign exotic place,and give them Champagne and Caviar - and the money is yours.

Because of the losses by the CEO´s of the pension funds,in the hundred of billion kronas, old people now get less from their pesnison funds.
This is just like the banking crisis, the CEO´s do well,they get big bonuses, - if they make mistakes - the public will pay.
And in the case of the Pension funds, they elderly people ,who are in the autumn of their life, get less money from their Pension fund.
But no CEO is fired or will resign- looks like they are Untouchable.

Here are some of my videos from the protest since 2008 -- 2009.
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