Sunday, January 22, 2012

Icelands national court on former prime minister ,could be stopped by Parliament

Parliaments Prosecutor issued an indictment against Geir H. Haarde, former Prime Minister on Tuesday.
A list of prosecution witnesses is pretty interesting but the main Heavyweight people in government and officials of Bank system when the banks were on its side in 2008.
The national court will start proceidings on the 7th of june .
But now the Member of parliament and chairman of the independence party ,is trying to get parliament to stop the indictment against the Former Prime Minister.
Many think that during the courts procedings,that the more information will come up.
And many members of parliament , in all parties,do not want to open that .
The witness list includes,former minister,CEO´s of the central bank and more .
They could get questions ,that could open more bad information on the banking crash in 2008.

Here is a video i took of a citizen meetings,and they booed at the Prime minister,mr. Geir Haarde.

And here is a video from last october,when the Presidents wife joined protesters,as they where throwing eggs and fruits at members of parliament.

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  1. Thank you for your informations, Robert from Romania !!!