Monday, February 6, 2012

Pension funds in Iceland lost hundreds of billions in the banking crisis - video

Now the Pension funds have been investigated,and they lost a few hundred Billion kronas during the banking crisis.
That means that people get less pension because of the bad investments by the pension funds.
And of course ,like in the banks and politics,nobody is responsable for this.
The Ceo´s of the pension funds are to connected to the Banks and politics.
The Ceo´s of the pension funds are on big salarys ,but little responsability.
The former leader of the Federation of State and Municipal Employees,the biggest         union of employees in public service in Iceland,and Ceo of their pension fund, Mr. Ögmundur Jónasson , is now minister of the Interiorþ
He is a member of the Left Green Movement .
It does not matter where you are in politics here in Iceland - to the left or to the right - they all have big sceletons in their closets , regarding the Banking crisis , and their part in it.

That is probably why their are trying to stop the National Court,in prosecuting the former Prime Minister ,mr. Geir Haarde.
That should start in the beginning of march 2012.
But now , a few members of parliament is trying to stop that .

Here is a video i took last october ,2011 and also in 2010 ,when parliament was pelted with fruits and other things.
Not much respect for Parliament in Iceland

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