Monday, February 20, 2012

Iceland Banks CEO.s charged in Iceland ----- videos

The Icelandic Supreme court has ruled that the Foreign currency loans here in Iceland,where illeagal.
Also that the law that the current goverment had put into place about interests rate , where illeagal.
This means that the Banks must now calculate again the loans, and in most cases repay the loantaker.
How this will work on those that have already lost their houses ,is not known at this point.

The Homes interest organizations has charged all the Banks CEO´s who where in charged between 2001 - 2008,to the Economic Offenses Division.
Home Interestst Orginzation ,says ,that it is important to make the Bankers personally responsable .

Here you can see some of my vidoes from the protests here in Iceland in the past .

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