Saturday, November 7, 2009

Strange sentences in Iceland - probation is popular

A 38 year old man ,was sentenced yesterday by a county court in the sout part of Iceland.
He was sentenced for giving alcohol and sexually abusing two times, a thirteen year old girl.
He used her inexpieriance and that she had drunk alcohol ,and his strengh and age ,and sexually assoulted the girl two times.
The girls mother went berserk when this happened last year ( september) at the mans house.

He was sentenced to 8 month - and all on probation.
He will not have to serve any time in jail.
According to Icelandic law, the minimun sentence is 1 year in jail.

A few months ago , a man was sentenced for 8 months in jail ,no probation.
He had stolen meat in a shop .

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  1. le corps d'une femme, d'une enfant, coute moins cher qu'un beefsteak! quelle ignominie!