Wednesday, November 18, 2009

IMF - the kiss of death ?

New book has been published about the banking crash in Iceland last year.
The author is mr. Styrmir Gunnarsson, former editor of the newspaper ,Morgunbladid.
In his book , mr. Styrmir talkes about when tyhe CEO of the Icelandic Central Bank, mr. David Oddson ,met mister Timothy F. Geithner Secretary of the Treasury, USA.

They met , in the middle of the year 2008, and then mister Geithner ,was one of assistance directors of the US central BAnk.
Mr. Oddson asked Geithner ,if the US central Bank could lend Iceland 2 - 3 billion dollars.
Mr. Geithner reaction later, was that the amount to lend Iceland was not an issue, because Icelands financial problems where overwhelming.

The author of the Book,mr. Styrmir also said that Mr. David
also told mr. Geithner that the CEO of the Europian central bank had suggested that ICeland talk to the International Moneytary Fund ( IMF )
Mr Timothy F. Geithner then assistance ceo of the US central Bank and now Secretary of the Treasury, USA. reaction to what mr. David Oddson ,CEO of the ICEland Central Bank ,last year,was, Quote: " Aha,he offered you the kiss of death."

In the later part of 2008 ,Iceland was not sure about seeking help at the IMF.
Then mr. Paul Thomsen ,head of an IMF mission in Iceland,came to Iceland and had a meting with the Prime minister ,Mr. Geir H. Haarde.
Mr. Haarde told him that the IMF could not treat Iceland as a third world country.
Mr Thomsen promised that the IMF would not do that.
And after that meeting , mr Thomsen is supposed to have phoned his superior at IMF ,and said , quote: " I Got Him "

Now mr. David Oddson is the editor of the newspaper ,Morgunbladid.
Mr. Styrnir,who wrote this book,with this information ,is a former editor of the Morgunbladid.
Photos .

Top : Timothy F. Geithner Secretary of the Treasury, USA.

Middle: David Oddson

Bottom . Paul Thomsen ( in center )

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