Saturday, November 14, 2009

National assembly in Iceland today

Today ,there was a national assmebly, 1500 hundred people,discussing what values should be in ICeland.
They where selected from every part of ICeland,through random selection,using the national registry.
Nine inidviduals,where on every table,and they had all,special discussion .
Some had education,others had democracy and so on.
This assembly ,is by a independent group, and every thing to hold this assembly,was donanted by inidviduals ,and companys.

Integrity is the value the representatives of the National Assembly considered most important for society.
Equal rights, respect and justice follow. Next are love, responsibility, freedom, sustainability and democracy.
The family, equality and trust are also high priorities.

Spirits are high and participants and staff are focused on delivering good results for the country.
The participants are divided into groups working at 162 tables.
Nine people are at each table and their first task this morning was to agree on values.

What comes from this assembly,will be put online,and goverment ,individuals,goveremnt,and everybody ,can use it for their own purposes.

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