Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Protest in Iceland today -- video

Due to the banking crisis and economy problems here in ICeland ,everybody has to save money.
And the towns and city must save to.
One town near just south of Reykjavik ,Hafnarfjordur,has been cutting down expences, and when they decided to cut down on service for the young and teenagers,then the teenagers got angry.
The town council decided to cut down on the teenagers social center, the center where teenagers can come after school .
Today teenagers in the town protested , and went in front of the town hall ,and the mayor came out,and promised to talk to the teenagers at a meeting.
And teenagers always protest peacefully.
Speaches where made and they asked the mayor ,why cut down expences on the young .
Media was there ,so the mayor answered the questions,and ,of course ,promised to go over the expences and the savings .
And he promised to speak to the Teenagers representives , and not in closed rooms .

Some Schholmasters gave the kids the the afternoon off,so the could protest,but others did not,so their parents had to call the school,and ask for permission to attend the protest.

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