Saturday, November 28, 2009

Protest in Iceland today - video

Protest season started again today in Iceland.
People are protesting , why is the Goverment not helping the public, in their debts.
And why is the goverment going to pay the Icesave account,that one of the banks messed up in England and Holland.
Why should the goverment pay the debts of private banks.

Now the goverment is increasing taxes, income tax,VAT tax,gasoline tax and son on.
At the same time the goverment is helping big companys ,with bailout money .

It was very cold today ,but a few hundred people attended in front of the parliement building.
Members of parliement looked out the windows of parliement to see the protest.
Another protest is planned next saturday .'
And of cource - this was a peaceful protest , few police officers where seen at the protest

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