Saturday, October 17, 2009

Market abuse by Icelands Banks - video

Financial control group has sent issues concerning comprehensive market abuse by Kaupthing bank to the Special Prosecutor office.
They belive that the bank systematically tried to influence their share price and create a constant demand for shares and thus sent the wrong and misleading message to the market shares in real terms.

This was done in a manner that the bank, which at a given time could only have a maximum 5% in himself, bought shares and then sold them on to selected customers against loans. In this way the bank could be active in the market with its own shares.

The majority of those who participated in a poll made by one the Icelandic Newspapers , wants the government resign the agreement with the IMF.

Here you can a video ,on how people felt last year about the IMF

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  1. hé hé! suis passée devant ce mur au mois d'avril, mais je n'ai pas pu m'arr^tée pour le photographier! dommage! :)