Sunday, October 18, 2009

Permanent Secretary investigated in Iceland

Iceland's government says it has reached a deal with Britain and the Netherlands to repay the $5.7 billion ,to compensate savers who lost funds in the collapse of the Icesave Account.
This deal is not very popular in Iceland. People say, why should the public pay for private banks crash .
Former health minister Mr. Ogmundur Jonasson ,resigned last month in protest.

Now the special prosecuter is investigating the Permanent Secretary of Education ,mr. Baldur Gunnlaugsson.
When his was Permanent Secretary to the minister of finance, after he and the finance minister ,had met the Finance minister of Britain ,mr. Darling, Baldur sold his stocks in Landsbanki, few days before the Bank crashed.
Special Prosecutor is investigating like it is insider trading.
Not all media in Iceland is following this story .
The paper that the former central bank ceo ,and former Prime minster,now is editor, Morgunbladid, does not follow this story about the Permanent Secretary .
Mr. David Oddson ,the editor and Baldur , are both in the Independence party .
top: Baldur Gunnlaugsson
Bottom: David Oddson

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