Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still corruption in ICeland - investigation

According to an investigation by an independent investigator, top jobs in the public sector in Iceland ,are all political.
Ministers appoint friends, relatives,or there friends in their political party.
This has always been in Iceland.
If you want something,then it is better to know someone high up.

And nothing will change, even though things are bad ,due to the Banking crisis.
Years from now,all the same people will be in charge,Bankers, politicians and so on.
Een though members of parliement took part in banking crisis,got big loans, ( in the hundreds of millions ) and do not have to pay the loans.

But the public, they are expendable.
They must pay all , less pay,higher taxes and so on .
Even though the took no part in the Banking Crisis.

But to keep up the good humor in people, here is a video i tool last week ,when the ICelandic Symphony was interuppted ,by Darth Vader himself.
He is in the later half of the video .
Hope you like it.

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  1. Your blog about Iceland is so informative.
    There is an old saying that says ...
    It isn't what you know ... that counts ...
    It is who you know...

    I have seen this in not only politics but in many other areas...

    Your blogs, pictures, and videos have kept us all informed all over the world..
    all excellent and top quality...