Saturday, October 24, 2009

Darth Vader pushes Symphony controller and takes control ! 2 video

I went tonight to see the Icelandic Symphony,play at a full house .
Mr. Micheal Krajewsky was conducting,and the theme was , John Williams movie music.
Mr Krajewsky ,is known for conducting Movie music and has worked with many Symphony orchestras , in San Francisco ,Dallas,Detroit, Baltimore,Stþ Louis to name a few.
I called the Symphony ,and they gave me permission to videotape and put it on the Internet, and everywhere else .
And on this clip ,there is a little bit of a Shocker !
There comes a unknown individual ,dressed in black and with a helmet ,and he walks on the stage ,and pushes mr.Krajewsky off the stage ,and takes over conducting the Symphony .

And when the music is over , he gets great applouse from the Icelandic people that where there enjoying great music by John Williams.
He ( Darth Vader ) comes in the middle of the video .
Enjoy .

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