Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mcdonald´s leaves the Icelandic economy ! video

Due to the bad economy here in Iceland , McDonalds, is closing down next saturday .
According to the CEO of McDonalds in Iceland, this is because that the Icelandic currency is low, and they have to import everything from Germany.

The Icelandic Krona has fallen 100 % to the Us Dollar since the banking crisis last year.
So the McDonalds franchise is no more in ICeland , and instead there will still be burgers at the McDonalds location, but new name - and no Mcdonalds franchise.

The new burger place will be called - Metro .
It will only use domestic beef ,cheese and so on.

Part of the Western civil civilization , as we know it , will leave Iceland next Saturday .
But as you can see on the Video - Colonel Sanders is not far away from the McDonalds location.
KFC , will still be in Iceland , so there maybe some hope yet !

McDonalds opened in Iceland in 1993.
And Mr. David Oddson , who was CEO of the Central bank during the Banking Crisis last year, and in 1993 he was Icelands Prime minister , was the first guest and ordered the first McDonalds hamburger in ICeland .
Will he get the last burger on saturday ?
Stay tuned !

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