Monday, September 14, 2009

Still corruption information coming in Iceland

A mr. Jon Josep bjarnarsson,has been making a online program ,to see how the buisness elite is connected in Iceland through company ownership.
He had bought access to the Icelandic IRS,and could get leagal information about companys and their ownership,and stockholders.
It was very interesting to see how the bankers and buisness men ,are connected ,in many ways ,and more that one way through their companys.
But after it got public,then the CEO´s of the IRS closed for his access to the infromation.
For instance ,Jon Asgeir Johannesson,CEO of Baugur Group is connected to Hannes Smarasson,chairman of FL Group ,in 308 ways - through many different companys.

Here you can see this on a blog in Icelandic by the greatest blogger in Iceland ,Lára Hanna .
And you can now translate to english ,with

Students .

Students have been getting student loans ,so they can go to University.
But now it has been made public,that many students signed up for student loans,and also unemploymnet bebefits.
According to the goverment,students have taken illeagally,around 300 million kronas.


Unemploymnet is now 14.552 , that would be 7 % .

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