Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Public pay the Bankers debts in Iceland - taxes raised

Icelands goverment has to save money in its budget, so it can pay up the debts after the banking crisis last year.
Taxes will be raised ,and that will raise the debt that the public has on the loans.

And still ,the special prosecutor is doing nothing.
Former justice minsister of the goverment that was in power when the banking crises started,hired the special prosecutor.

The bankers are having a great time ,they do not have to pay their big loans in the billions, but the public is getting no help from the goverment.

Still ,good news last weekend, the price in the weekly LOTTO draw,was 35 million kronas.
And now ,a single mother ,with one child, who had just lost her apartment to the banks, won 35 million kronas.

Maybe that will help the public in Iceland , LOTTO !

photos: Special Prosecutor
Icelands Goverment

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