Thursday, September 24, 2009

Media war in Iceland ? David Oddssson new editor at MBL

Former Prime minister and Former Central Bank CEO, mr. David Oddson is now one of two editors of the Icelandic newspaper , Morgunbladid.
Morgunbladid ( MBL ) sacked the former editor ,becuase he did not share the view of the owners,about being against joining the EU.
MBL owners are against joining the EU,and MBL sacked today about forty employees, and many who had worked there for many years.

Þóra Kristín Ásgeirsdóttir ,reporter at MBL and also the chairman of the Reporters Union,was sacked today.
She was quated today ,saying that she does not like that ,if the are changing the MBL,to a party paper,and to protect special interests for certain people in the Independence party.

THe other newspaper is Frettabladid, and it is owned and controlled by Jon Asgveir Johannesson, owner of many companys in Iceland and Europe.
It will be interesting to see how the papers ,Frettabladid and MBL, will follow news and then you
can see who is controlling the papers.

Photo: top - Jon Asgeir Johannesson
Below - David Oddsson

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