Sunday, September 20, 2009

Media in Iceland - editor sacked at

The biggest and oldest newspaper Morgunbladid ,has sacked it chief editor.
New owners are all anty Europian ,and the editor was pro Europian union.
They who own the MBL, are mostly fishing rights owners.
And the gossip is,the there will be more people sacked,and mostly those that are for the Europian Union.

All the media in Iceland is in one way or the other controlled by big business, or political parties.
Many citizen meetings and protests ,are not followed in the Icelandic Media,because, the media owners dont like the meetings and protests.

Here is a video i took last week at a citizen meeting in Reykjavik ,and in the video on man goes on stage,and makes a hard speach at the buisness minister of Iceland who is sitting in the center on the stage.

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