Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No arrests in Iceland - people are getting angry

Still nobody has been arrested ,about the Bank crash last year here in Iceland.
A few years ago ,the oil companys ESSO ,OLIS and SHELL ,here in Iceland where procecuted and convicted of Oil Price fixing.
The had the oil price ,much higher than they should have.
The Oil companys ,communicated to each other and had the price high ,for many years.
They where ordered to pay fines ,but nobody was arrested.
The CEO´s of the Oil companys,where directly involved.
To much connected to the goverment and the political parties.
The CEO at SHELL,his wife was at the time - the Justice Ministero f Iceland.

Now it is similar during these banking crisis, information is out,but nothing is being done.
People are angry ,and next mont ( 1st October) a group of people ,are going to stop paying there debts.
They call it a PaymentStrike.

Now there are 14.759 unemployed in Iceland.

Gossip in Iceland now ,is that the biggest newspaper in ICeland just sacked its editor.
Sacked the Editor,because he is for joining the europian union.
But the owners ,big fishing rights owners ,do not want to join the Europian union.
And the gossip is that Former Prime minister and former CEO of the Icelands central bank,mr. David Oddson,is going to be the new editor.
The will announce tomorrow who the new editor is.

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