Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Protest in Iceland against EU membership

The controlling parties in Iceland,the Left Green Movement and the Social Democratic Alliance,are putting to a vote at the Icelandic parliement,to join the Europian Union.
And people where today at the parliement protesting,and shouting at parliement building.
Not everybody is for the Europian Union.
Part of the Left Green Movement is not for it ,and now there are a lot of discussion in parliement.
Some in the oppositon parties are for joining the EU .
The vote will probably be tomorrow at 12:00 .

Some members of parliement came outside ,to talk to protesters

One of the protester who was shouting at the parliement building,using words ,like - Treason ,traitors and such - was asked by the parliement guard to go farther away from the building,wish he refused.

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  1. Dear Dori,

    The topic of Iceland joining EU is a very important topic and I want to express my thanks to you for making this blog. Personally, I am supporting the decision not to join it because Iceland is an unique country with rare culture and traditions, there is no any other country like Iceland in a world. The current situation is very difficult and I believe that joining EU will not help in this moment. It is necessary to bring the country to better condition first to make the joining of EU objective and not under pressure.
    European Union would bring lots of obligations and the duties and the price can be too big. It does not seem to me that the change will come from joining EU. They will only ask from Iceland, but never give to the country.
    And what is your personal opinion, Dori?

    I want to thank you again as reading your writing and seeing pictures and the videos is a great pleasure and a wonderful source of important and interesting information. Your writing is clear and professional! :)

    With respect,