Friday, July 3, 2009

More corruption surfacing in Iceland ?

At Kaupthing Bank ,a loanbook from the bank,that one of the newspapers here in has ICeland has,shows ,that 22 of the senior employees,got loans to buy stock in the bank,in the amount of 23 billion kronas.
And at a bank board meeting ,it was decided that personal sequrities for these loans,should be dropped,and they should not have to pay the loans they got to buy the stock.
Those who got the loans ,are no longer working at the bank.

One of the loantakers,his wife was the education minister in the ICelandic goverment ,when the banking crisis hit last october ( 2008 )
To pay these debts,and the Icesave account in Europe - the ICelandic parliement is about to put into law,that Iceland will pay that debt.

And that means raising taxes on the public in Iceland.
Income tax,gas tax and so on.

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