Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Holland puts pressure on Iceland

According to Dutch media,the Dutch Foreign Minister is putting pressure on Össur Skarphédinsson ,Icelands foreign minister ,to finish the Icesave agreement as soon as possible.
Dutch media claims ,that
Dutch Foreign Minister, Maxime Verhage,told the Icelandic foreign minister,that the Icesave agreement should be finished as soon as possible,if Iceland wants to meet the requirements to join the EU .

Össur ,the Icelandic Foreing minsiter has comfirmed ,that the Dutch Foreign minister called him today .

Photo: Icelands Foreign Minister


  1. I believe that this is an example of pressure on a little country we can see. Joining EU or making the decisions, at last, should be free and not "if you do that", and "we do this" politics. The situation is without justice and honesty if we can see pressure and forcing of events and decisions. What are the opinions among Icelanders, Dori? Thank you again for updating!

  2. Another important point to think about: this is done by countries of European Union to the future possible member. Isn't it a sign of the attitude and policy from the very start?