Saturday, July 25, 2009

Britain humiliates Iceland ?

In the agrreement between the Icelandic and British goverment about the Icesave account,there is a clause that says that Iceland must pay for the cost that the British goverment ,due to the Icesave accounts.
This means ,that Iceland has to pay for the cost ,that the British goverment had to pay to work on the Icesave accounts.
That means that Iceland must pay the legal bill,that the British goverment claims that they have spent on.
Iceland has to pay 2 billion kronas to the British goverment for the cost of contacting the Icesave acoount owners in Britain.
Bjarni Benediktsson ,the leader of the Independent party,looks on this clause ,as a humiltion for the Icelandic goverment -

Photo: Bjarni Benediktsson

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