Sunday, July 19, 2009

Icesave for Iceland parliement on july 20 2009

Tomorrow there will be in Parliement put to a vote,accepting the deal on Icesave repayment agreed with the Netherlands and the UK.
Not every party is going to vote for it.
Some say ,why should the goverment sequre deals made by private banks ?
But others say ,that if the goverment does not accept the responsabilty,then the Icelandic nation would find itself no more respected than Cuba and North Korea .
In the meantime ,the Icelandic billionares ,the banks CEO´s at the time of the banking crash, have been very silent and not seen for the past months.
Many are asking the goverment to reject the the deal ,and on Facebook,a group of over 30.000 people are against the deal ,that is going for a vote in Parliement on monday.
While this is going on ,and the puplic in Iceland is going broke,many of the CEO´s of the banks,the billionares that are responsable for this Banking crisis,are enjoying the good life .

Iceland’s Prime Minister ,Johanna Sigurdardottir,says,that the Parliement must vote for paying the Icesave debt, that there is no " plan b ".


  1. There is in fact a "plan b". Although the Icelandic government hasn't one, Icelandic voters have. A plan b based on constitutional rights.

    On the website Icelandic voters are urging the president of Iceland to reject the Icesave bill with reference to article 26 in the Constitution of Iceland:

    "Article 26
    If Althingi has passed a bill, it shall be submitted to the President of the Republic for confirmation not later than two weeks after it has been passed. Such confirmation gives it the force of law. If the President rejects a bill, it shall nevertheless become valid but shall, as soon as circumstances permit, be submitted to a vote by secret ballot of all those eligible to vote, for approval or rejection. The law shall become void if rejected, but otherwise retains its force."

    No stand is taken for or against the Icesave bill. The demand is only that Icelandic voters have their say. Either way, they are going to pay the price.

    Hjortur Hjartarson, spokesman for

  2. A very good point! I agree that the Icelandic voters should have their say and the opinions of everyone (and not only single party) should be taken into account.
    I believe that an investigation of the crisis should me made as well because so far it looks that only citizens of Iceland do suffer. :(


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  4. And how did the voting go? Was there anything to follow? Going to read the next entry now.