Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23 2009 - protest in Iceland - potatos .

Today there was a protest meeting in Reykjavik- Iceland
People where protesting how the goverment is treating the public during the banking crisis.
The promises before the election a few weeks ago ,are all forgoteen.
Discussion in parliemnt are about , how members of parliement are dressed ( they dont have to where ties anymore ) and discussing also about joining the Europian Union.
But while they are doing that ,people are moving to other countries ,and debts on peoples houses are going up ,while the price of the house is going down.
A lady making a speach today ,a member of the Social democratic movement,was bood at when she tried to defend the goverment.
Bubbi Morthens ,the Icelandic Rock King,sang a few songs.
But one man who was there ,started to plant potatos in front of the parliement .
THat got people and the media attention.
And people and children came and started helping him.
That is the message people want the goverment to see,the dont have money to buy food ,so what do you do then ?

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