Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heatwave in Reykjavik - but bad economy

Things are getting worse here in Iceland.
People are moving to foreign countries,to get work and better living quality.
On average,there is one family that moves from Iceland every day.
The Icelandic goverment is taking over companys that are in bad debts.
Many companys owe the banks ,that the goverment ownes now,lots of money.
Homeloans are getting higher ,but the house price is getting lower.
Same with car loans.

Big companys have been nationalized,and many smaller company have gone bankrupt.
But unemployment has been steady,at about 17,500 .
That would be about 9,1 % og the working population here in Iceland.
Not many will take summer vacation in foreign countries.

So it is good that the weather is excellent ,as you can see on the video.
This is taken today ,where the river runs trough Reykjavik .
Icelanders use what they can,and here ,the sun is shining,it is warm,and cold water nearby.

And in summer time - they fish salmon in this river in Reykjavik.
There is now a heatwave in Reykjavik - well , we call it heatwave,the temperature is around 16 degrees on the celcius .
And for us in Iceland - that is a heatwave

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