Thursday, May 21, 2009

Icelanders moving to other countries.

An average ,one family per day,is now moving to other countries .
Icelanders are moving mostly to Norway.
And the goverment celebrates ,that Icelanders are moving from Iceland.
In a tv show this week,the Icelands Social minister ,mr. Arni Pall Arnasson,informed us ,that the goverment where going to help people who had bad bank debts.
He said that nobody would have to suffer for their bad debts,the goverment ,through the banks,would help people.
But later this week,he celebrated ,that familys where moving to other countries.
He said,that people would get educations and learn otheer jobs,and would come back to Iceland later,with great knowledge.

But history tells us,people wont come back.
If their lives are better in other countries,why should they move back to Iceland ?

Politicians in Iceland ,as in other countries,seem to live in an Ivory tower,and cant see what is happening on the ground ,where the public lives.

Here below is a video i took of people enjoying the good weather in Reykjavik

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